04-15-14 Judge Ruled Ca. Coastal Comm. Violated Environmental Law & Abused its Discretion


Marin Superior Court, Judge Chernus,

issued his temporary ruling today stating the

California Coastal Commission violated environmental law

by not conducting an environmental review, and

abused its discretion by excluding Drakes Bay Oyster Farm evidence.


Racks and buildings need not be removed.

Didemnum measures struck down.

Existing Manila clams can stay.


To read the ruling, please click on the link below.

tentative 15 apr 2014

This is a tentative ruling.

All parties will appear in Marin County Superior Court, Department B, tomorrow morning, 04-16-14 at 8:30 AM to present arguments.


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  1. Milly Biller

     /  April 15, 2014

    Maybe, just maybe, justice will be served this time. I cannot imagine what the Lunnys and the rest of the DBOC family is feeling right now. They have been through so much already that they must be kind of numb.


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