12-31-14 Pt Reyes Light Letters to Editor: Underwhelmed by Park

It’s been more than a month since
Corey Goodman and I challenged the
park service and its paid supporters to
take a pledge to oppose any suits to restrict
ranchers in the Point Reyes National
Seashore. To date, the responses have
underwhelmed. First there was Neal Desai
of the National Parks Conservation
Association, who called the challenge “ridiculous.”
Second was Amy Trainer of the
Environmental Action Committee, who
had the audacity to write that her idea to
remove cattle from Point Reyes actually
supported the ranchers. And the park has
said absolutely nothing. If that’s the best
they can do, we’re in serious trouble.
Peter Prows
San Francisco

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  1. Milly Biller

     /  January 3, 2015

    The take away from this pivotal and wonderful event was that we have not been militant enough. The Lunny family have been ever gracious, but they are up against scoundrels and liars in the NPS. While we have the worthy attention of the likes of Peter Prows, Corey Goodman, Jeff Creque, and Phylis Faber, We better get our act together if we hope to save local ranches and local food sourcing.

  2. But after watching these ideological thugs in action for years don’t you already know you are in serious trouble? You can’t reason with these people. They are power seekers with an obsessive, misanthropic wilderness agenda. They are shear evil.

    There are many other examples of it but here is a recent chilling boast from the other side of the country where the viros have been agitating and lobbying for over 25 years for a National Park Service takeover of millions of acres of private property in Maine. The Big Park pressure group lobby knows that no matter many times they are rejected and fail they only have to win once, and are pouring a _lot_ of money into it. Federal control is permanent. Once they move in you can’t get rid of them and you back is to the wall for as long as you are allowed to exist at all.

    The viro “Earle Decker” (apparently from Seattle) recently posted this belligerent fatwa in the comment section of a Maine (pro-viro) newspaper:

    “Like it or not, there will be a North Woods National Park.

    “It is only a matter of time.

    “Liberalism and Environmentalists are the driving force behind the North Woods National Park.

    “As a life long Liberal I will tell you that time is on our side.”

    “We never ever give up.”


    [Click on Load More Comments at least 5 times and search for “Earle”]

    Obviously he is no liberal, only tyrannical “Liberal”.


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