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Additional sites provide even more information on Drakes Bay Oyster Farm and their efforts to prevent the National Park Service from removing them from Drakes Bay.

You can contribute to Save Drakes Bay Oyster Farm.


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For more information about the oyster farm, including how to visit the farm and where to purchase their award-winning oysters, please visit their business site:


05-14-2013 They cut off the line attendees right before me but had set up televisions in courtroom #4 and in the cafe. Upon my arrival at the cafe the proceedings having begun, and Amber Abassi already speaking, I did not get to hear the opening nor the introductions. Impressions varied. Below are some:

The judge on left (from audience view) sounded as if he got it, the one on the right sounded as if he didn’t, the one in the middle, inconclusive.

Another said:

“Going into the hearing, I knew that this would be a legal discussion, with judges probing lawyers about legal propositions.  Judges circulated questions to lawyers late last week.  To read much into the legal probing is a fool’s errand.  They were tough on both sides.  They appear to be well-read, up on the issues and fully prepared.  All have reputations for being straight-shooters. “

One other person said something that made me laugh:

“A hearing is something best left to attorneys to describe – also a hearing is like going to a seance in a way, we are all trying to psychically read meaning and leaning into the questions posed by the judges.”

This one was special:

I find it fascinating (or rather, a sad commentary on the journalism profession these days) that none of the reports I’ve read so far have actually made the distinction that this hearing was about whether to keep the injunction in place or not, NOT deciding the case itself.  

Also, as an environmental studies professor, I could NOT be more irritated by the judge that asked, if the oyster farm was dismantled, “won’t it return to its natural state?” — as if its natural state is some fixed, identifiable quality that the ecosystem would just magically “return to.”  that judge needs some environmental studies classes!!!”


03-21-13   For years, we have been told the publication Stewardship Begins With People has been “OUT OF PRINT” (Point Reyes National Seashore Visitor Center gift shop personnel, as well as others) and that there were NO MORE COPIES TO BE HAD. I went on line and found the 22 publications in the series and that all the others were available as PDF downloads except for this one. There was an email address to request a paper version. My email requests for copies went unanswered. I phoned, and was told someone would get back to me about getting me a copy, but no one ever did. When I phoned again, I asked why I could no longer find one at the Point Reyes National Seashore Visitor Center. I was informed that the visitor center gift shops are independently owned and/or operated and they had no control over what the owners/operators choose to stock for sale.


Call 802-457-3368, ext 16 (Leslie Shahi)

Fax 802-457-3405




Keep a record of the date and time you called, faxed, or emailed your request, the response, if any, and the date you received your copy(s) if you receive a copy(s), and let me know.

for more on this  click on the link below or copy and paste it into your web browser:


03/08/2013 Want to see journalistic bias at work?  Want to see how to skew, slant and distort a DBOC  story?

Read on.

During this saga, has the Press Democrat:

  • Written a profile of Kevin, Nancy or the Lunny family?  No.

  • Written a history of DBOC?  No.

  • Interviewed Corey Goodman?  No.

  • Profiled DBOC’s workers – and the loss of jobs/homes and livelihood?  No.

  • Covered the formal complaint just filed (last week) by Dr. Goodman revealing that three federal agencies, two Inspector Generals and three Scientific Integrity Officers engaged in a massive case of scientific misconduct involving NPS science at Drakes Estero?  No.

  • Covered the formal misconduct complaint filed last November detailing the EOMs (Errors, Omissions and Misrepresentations) committed by the Marine Mammal Commission?  No.

  • Reported on the Cause of Action 70+-page Data Quality Act Complaint filed with the National Park Service last August (or the NPS rejection of it last October)?  No.

In The Press Democrat story of 03/08/2012 “Oyster farm flap reverberates far beyond Drake’s Bay” ,

  • did the Press Democrat explain to its readers that Cause of Action was part of a consortium of law firms – four actually – that represent DBOC and the Lunny family?  No.

But, the Press Democrat profiled the Koch Brothers, at least in part, but neither they nor their money are involved in any aspect of the NPS-DBOC-Drakes Estero suite of issues.

NPS routinely “cherry-picked” the science to distort the record.

NPS regularly “omitted” salient facts (be it “science” OR the existence of a “renewal clause”) time and time again.

The Press Democrat, in this and previous stories, did both.

The Press Democrat

  • “cherry-picked” the story AND

  • “omitted” a large bucketful of critical facts,

  • excluded a super-sized basket of important information and

  • in so doing, skewed, slanted and distorted the story published for their readers.

The Press Democrat’s Guy Kovner, states he got his legal quotes from Dean of Empire College of Santa Rosa – an unaccredited college similar to the old Bryman schools. Remember them?  Hastings Law School is a quick 50 miles to the South and only a phone call away if he wanted real legal opinions.

Furthermore, Empire’s website says it is ‘accredited’ by the Committee of Bar Examiners of the State Bar of California. Law schools are accredited by the California Bar Association or the American Bar Association.

To read the full article click on the link below or copy and paste it into your web browser:


02-22-13 24-hour Vigil

24-Hour Vigil Of PRAYER, MEDITATION, MUSIC, SONG, & FOOD OFFERED for the intention of

Saving the Jobs, Housing, and Livelihood of the 30 HISPANIC Workers At Drakes Bay Oyster Co. by Reversing the decision to close Drakes Bay Oyster Company 

6:45 PM Friday night, February 22 to

6:45 PM Saturday night, February 23

Sacred Heart Church

10189 State Route 1, Olema 94950


Not Catholic? Not into Religion? Don’t believe in God? No Problem!

an Intention to Save the Oyster Company is all You Need!

Can’t Attend? Set Aside a Time to Join Us in Spirit


Bring Your Favorite Prayers, Meditations, Songs

If You Play an Instrument, Bring It, you may get to play for us

If You Cook or Bake, Bring Something to Share With Us.


The Freitas Center will be Open Throughout the Vigil Serving Coffee, tea, Hot Chocolate, and any food You Bring to Share

Come, spend a few minutes, spend an hour orSpend the entire 24 hours with us!

You May Want to Bring Pillows, Cushions, or a Sleeping Bag

Wear comfortable clothes

All are welcome!


Watch the video: “The Framing of an Oyster Farm”

07-10-12I took the opportunity to travel to Irvine to have 5 minutes in front of the new NAS NRC panel on Tuesday, July 10, 2012, University of California Irvine, Beckman Center. Click the link below for more information on how that meeting went.

Questions of Fundamentally Sound and Materially Sufficient for Blog


dEIS Stands for Draft Environmental Impact Statement



the NPS does not consider Mexicans, Hispanics, or Latinos Minorities in the dEIS.

Click here for a full report

Socio-Economic Impacts in dEIS 


 A Tale of Two Formats

10-16-11 World renowned scientist and elected member of the National Academy of Sciences, Dr. Corey Goodman planned to make presentation on the science behind the dEIS and take Q&A from the audience.

The event, a packed house with 150 people in attendance, lasted three and one half hours. The presentation lasted one and a half hours and was followed by two hours of Q&A. When we finally had to vacate the building, Dr. Goodman entertained more questions and comments  on the walkways and front lawn of the Dance Palace Community Center in downtown Point Reyes Station.

By comparison, over the course of three evenings the National Park Service provided, no presentation was given by the NPS. Questions were either deflected by “Is that your comment? Shall I write that down?” by the scribes or one was directed to a table with multiple printed copies of the 752 page dEIS.

For more on this story, click the link below:

Open Public Meetings vs Public Open House


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