12-11-2012 Letter to Sierra Club to Cancel Membership with Pledge to campaign against

I was bcc’d on the below email to the Sierra Club sent at 9:44 AM 12-11-12

Dear Matt,


Thank you for your email reminding me it is year end, and time to make tax deductible donations to non-profits that do “good”. 




After Sierra Club’s decision to support  bad science, a flawed EIS, and the purely political decision to close  Drakes Bay Oyster Company out in California by an Interior Secretary who puts his own political career (running for Gov of Colorado) above fact-based science, the integrity of the Federal rules associated with the EIS process, true multiple use and sustainable natural resource management, and common sense; NOT ONLY will I never give to the Sierra Club again, but I will campaign against the organization for the rest of my life! Sierra Club has morphed into a political gamesmanship organization vs. the science-based resource conservation advocacy group whose annual meetings I attended througout the 1970’s.


I have removed myself from your subscription service, and I am recommending that all the true conservationists and social activists in my network give any planned year-end Sierra Club tax deductible donations or donations to other self-perpetuating, self-righteous elitist campaigns to Drakes Bay Oyster Company of Point Reyes Station, CA 94956. It’s a small, community-oriented town and the Post Office folks know the Lunny family personally like almost everyone else there, and they will make sure your cards and letters get to them without having to disclose the family’s or farm’s PO Box to spammers.


THE Sierra Club has replaced the hopes and dreams of a blessed Christmas with the grim reality of what a lump of coal is worth: a truly dismal and hungry New Year for the 30 employees of Drakes Bay Oyster Company and their extended families, as well as the local businesses who depend on local dollars–not the monied elitist who never visit, never spend locally, and do not give a damn about local, sustainable, or community except perhaps for bragging rights over high-end martinis.


Perhaps Sierra Club will join in helping the community recover from the loss of the most environmentally conscious, small scale oyster company on the Pacific Coast that was the core of the West Marin Local, Sustainable, Organic Foodie movement by sending an apology and donation to the Drakes Bay Oyster Company to help them support the hard working and long-dedicated employees who have already told their kids “Sorry, no money for Christmas this year.” 




M Ann Miller

5th Generation Farmer

Lifelong Conservationist

Versailles, Indiana, USA


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  1. ALRUI

     /  December 11, 2012

    Excellent letter! I hope more American wake up to the insanity being foisted upon us and our country in the name of the environmentalist! I am as pro environment as they come but things are being skewed way out of proportion & I believe it has to do with the UN’s Agenda 21.

    • We do need to stand up to government when it tries to run roughshod over us. I do not know who is pushing Agenda 21, or if it will get anywhere and all I can say about that is that it is beyond all imagination.

  2. Dean and Kathie Hart

     /  December 11, 2012

    Agreed this is how we now feel about the environmental activist twisting data to their liking. We will no longer support the Sierra Club until the Board corrects this wrong.


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