12-06-2012 Letter to the Editor, unedited

12-06-2012 Below is my original, full response, to the letter to the editor which appeared in  both local weekly papers titled “A Time for Peace”, (West Marin Citizen, and Pulitzer Prize winning Point Reyes Light letter to the editor, November 29, 2012)

Dear Editor:

The signatories [of that letter] must remember: “In order to have peace, one must work for justice.” 85 to 90% of us know the so-called “side that did not prevail” has not seen justice and must seek justice through Congress and the Courts – a right and duty we own as citizens of this country.

They want Marin County Board of Supervisor Steve Kinsey to represent both sides when the science, the data, and the truth, are omitted by the opposition? Then, when called on it, they proceed to defame the character of anyone who disagrees, and continue to manufacture and promulgate falsehoods, and we should all “reconcile” ourselves to Salazar’s decision?

  1. In that case, I suppose
    1. the founders of this country should have “reconciled” themselves to England’s rule over us;
    2. Lincoln should have “reconciled” himself to the segregationists
    3. the Suffragettes should have “reconciled” themselves to their lot in life, gone home, donned their aprons and gotten back to their housework
    4. and Roe should have “reconciled” herself to her pregnancy and had the baby
  1. They mention the damage “it” has done and want there to be a reconciliation
    1. “to cause to accept or to be resigned to something not desired (as to his/her fate)
    2. or to win over to friendliness, cause to become amicable”)
    3. but fail to recognize 85 to 90% of us (West Marinites and Marinites by all polls taken) are for the continuation of the farm.

Who is causing the damage to the community by insisting that 85 to 90% of us shut up and take it?

Jane Gyorgy

Point Reyes Station

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  1. Good point.!
    It would be like Romney cheating and lying his way into the Presidency and then saying can’t we all be friends. Well thank God that did not happen.

    Now, Let’s thank Cause of Action for helping the Lunny’s. If someone is going to win, let it be fair and square. Not lying.

    So, we aren’t even on the game board of honest and integrity yet. Never have been. That is what irks me.

    BTW, I have had threats to me personally for sticking up for doing what is right. A boyfriend of a prominent Environmentalist in the area, Also, said to boycott my company. Well, it is funny, cause I guess he doesn’t know his best friends have come to my company. Isn’t that just pathetic. I treasure people who will search for the truth. THe rest of them can go to hell.


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