02-22-13 TO 02-23-13 24 Hour Vigil

24-Hour Vigil



OFFERED for the intention of

Reversing the decision to close Drakes Bay Oyster Company &

Saving the Jobs, Housing, and Livelihood of the 30 HISPANIC Workers


6:45 PM Friday night, February 22 to

6:45 PM Saturday night, February 23

Sacred Heart Church

10189 State Route 1, Olema 94950



Not Catholic? Not into Religion? Don’t believe in God?

No Problem!

an Intention to Save the Oyster Company is all You Need!

Can’t Attend? Set Aside a Time to Join Us in Spirit


Bring Your Favorite Prayers, Meditations, Songs

If You Play an Instrument, Bring It, you may get to play for us

If You Cook or Bake, Bring Something to Share With Us.


The Freitas Center will be Open Throughout the Vigil Serving  

Coffee, tea, Hot Chocolate, and any food You Bring to Share


Come, spend a few minutes, spend an hour or

Spend the entire 24 hours with us!


You May Want to Bring Pillows, Cushions, or a Sleeping Bag

Wear comfortable clothes

All are welcome!

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