07/31/2014 West Marin Citizen: Bear Flag Flies over DBOC

By Shelly Ingram
West Marin lawful advocate and Forest Knolls resident, Barbara Scott, organized a common law court that convened on Monday, July 28 in Point Reyes to decide the Drakes Bay Oyster Company court case.
No members of the Supreme Court were in evidence.
The ten-person jury (reduced to nine when one member was later removed because of ties to the farm itself) unanimously voted to transfer all leases held by the farm to the Republic of California Department of Fish and Wildlife. The California Republic Bear Flag will now fly over the Inverness farm.
Resulting documents will be filed at the Marin County recorders office on July 31. This court’s decision may have no influence on the state or federal courts. But, Scott said it did serve as an opportunity to promote good feeling and camaraderie among the more than two-dozen people in attendance.

For the transcript, click on the link below:


Exhibits from the trial:

Exhibits for DBOC Constitutional Jury Trial



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