Chronology of Drakes Estero

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  Chronology 05-05-12 44 pages

In the late 1950’s farmers, ranchers, and oyster farmers, with the help of the Sierra Club, negotiated a deal  with the National Park Service to protect and preserve the agricultural nature of the Point Reyes Peninsula, in perpetuity.

This was to prevent developers from purchasing their farms and building 425,000 homes on the historic ranches of Point Reyes.

They would accomplish this by selling their lands to the National Park Service

in exchange for renewable leases.

In 1976, Earth Day Founder Pete McCloskey, and Senator John Burton authored The Wilderness Act.

Thankfully the authors of the 1976 Wilderness Act are still alive to speak to the original intent of the Wilderness Act in particular the intent to protect and preserve in perpetuity the ranches and oyster farm.

The first page of the Chronology covers the first 160 years of Drakes Estero and the Historic Ranches of Point Reyes.

Page one ends with the 1962 establishment of the Point Reyes National Seashore.

The rest is (most) everything germane to this saga that has transpired since then.

As the saga is still ongoing, information will be added and the name / date / number of pages will change with each addition.

Snowy Plover Chick Taking Refuge under a Drakes Bay Oyster Shell


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  1. bruce mithcell

     /  December 6, 2011

    Hi Jane,
    I’ve been reading the chronology section and found what appears to be a typo on the date of 4/06/11 where it says that EAC announced the release of Becker 2010. I think it should be Becker 2011?
    Also, is Melissa Cichantek an associate of David Weiman, I couldn’t find a referrence anywhere? Thanks for your help.
    PS: MMC’s Tim Ragen must be on the NPS’s payroll!

    • Bruce: Yes, 2010 became 2011 because it was “published” in 2011 and the title, when published was changed to “Evidence for long-term spacial displacement….” both of which they were told not to do. Not to publish for there were too many flaws and questionable aspects of the report and not to claim any evidence for displacement for there was no evidence according to the MMC. Yes, Melissa is an associate of David’s. As to your PS, doesn’t it seem as though!

  2. bruce mitchell

     /  December 7, 2011

    Hi Again,
    I was just gong through the chronology again and saw T. Ragen’s statement from 9/1/11 where he described the Goodman-Harwood review as the “nail in the coffin of Becker 2011”. The imagery of that quote suggests that at that point in time, Ragen was more than simply skeptical about the veracity of Becker’s analyses and conclusions. I think Darrel Issa needs to shine his searchlight on T. Ragen too!
    I’ve been writing a letter to the PR Light and would like to use that quote with the correct acclimation if you have it handy.
    Thanks for all your work.


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