08-23-14 Marin IJ Hard-working oyster farm workers lost their jobs

Hard-working oyster farm workers lost their jobs

When I got back from Korea in the 1950s, I went to work for the previous owner of what is now Drakes Bay Oyster Co. I know my share of oyster farming, from seeding to sending oysters to market.

Watch out dairy ranchers and others out there, the transplant West Marin enviros now have you in their sights. They would rather look at tule elk, which are useless, than look at milk cows.

It’s pretty sad when your neighbors and locals write letters to the Marin IJ stating they are glad the Drakes Bay Oyster Co. is being closed and 30-plus hard-working people are now without a job when they desparately need every penny they earn.

Our economy, that we all wish to would get better, is being kick backward due to too much governmental control.

Former Interior Secretary Kenneth Salazar and enviros could not care less who they step on.

Most of the Washinton puppets and enviros don’t know an oysters from a chicken.

I am a born and raised West Marin native. I grew up in Inverness during the Depression.

The closing of the Drakes Bay Oyster Co. should never have happened.

— Larry “Cheech” Giambastiani, San Rafael

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