07-29-13 Faber, ALSA & DBOC Motion to Correct CCC False Statements in Marin Court

On July 2, 2013, the California Coastal Commission (CCC), represented by the California State Attorney General’s Office, made a series of false statements to the Marin County Court in the Faber, ALSA and DBOC v. California Coastal Commission case.

The Coastal Commission accused DBOC of

(a) harming the ecosystem;

(b) exceeding production limits;

(c) “cruising” too close to harbor seals; and

(d) “throwing” garbage into the Estero. 

The CCC misled the Court.

Attorneys for Faber, ALSA and DBOC asked that these misrepresentations be corrected.  The request was rejected (and new misrepresentations emerged)

As a result, a Motion for Reconsideration was filed yesterday in Marin County Court – Department L. 

Here is the actual Motion.  It’s relatively short and very easy to read.  Every claim and charge was rebutted – by one expert or another.   

07-29-13 Faber ALSA and DBOC Motion to Court for Reconsideration CCC misrepresentations pdf


One final observation – NPS, the NPS chorus of supporters and the CCC are quick to point out that “it’s not about science.”  Yet, at every opportunity – in Federal AND State Court, these same parties insist that it is about science, environment and environmental harm. 


The CCC, like NPS is “accusation-heavy” but “evidence-lite.”


According to Kevin, as quoted in the press release:

“These misrepresentations by the Coastal Commission are the same false charges that have been leveled for years by the Park Service,” said Kevin Lunny, DBOC. “Those allegations have been repeatedly proven false by the nation’s top scientists, and many are refuted by the Commission’s own reports.”


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