09-08-14 Gordon Bennett’s trouble with the truth

 In his declaration submitted to the federal court (attached), he swore to the following under penalty of perjury:
“[Save Our Seashore] is a 501(c)(3) organization”
–FACT:  a search of the IRS 501(c)(3) website for “Save Our Seashore” returns no hits.
“the [Sierra] Club (and many other environmental organizations) had long anticipated and supported” the decision to shut down the oyster farm
–FACT:  in the 1970s, the Sierra Club and EAC supported the continuation of the oyster farm even in a designated wildness area
“boats and oyster workers … share’ the same sandbars that the seals need for nursing their pups”
–FACT:  the oyster boats and workers stay at least 700 yards away from the harbor seals.  The Park Service’s analysis ofmorethan 300,000 photographs of those sandbars found “no evidence” that the oyster boats and workers ever disturbed a single harbor seal. 
See if you can spot Gordon’s other misrepresentations!
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