05-30-1973 Sierra Club recommends NPS Continue Oyster Farm Operation

In a letter from the Chairman of the SF Bay Chapter of the Sierra Club and the Sierra Club Point Reyes Task Force, both the Sierra Club and the Sierra Club Task Force spell out the following on page A-51, paragraph VI:

“The draft Environmental Impact Statement implies that none of Drakes Estero can be classified as wilderness because of Johnson Oyster Farm. This is misleading. The company’s buildings and the access road must be excluded but the estero need not be. The water area can be put under the Wilderness Act even while the oyster culture is continued — it will be a prior existing, non-conforming use. The Reed memo previously cited seems to be speaking to such uses as this. The harvesting operation might be made more compatible if the Park Service were to require Johnson to use electric powered boats.”

For the full letter, click on or copy and paste the below link into your web browser:


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  1. Tioga

     /  June 15, 2013

    Excellent, Jane. I’ve been looking for just such a document.

    Hope you are doing well in your new digs.



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