12-24-14 BTW, DOI Salazar went to work for the law firm representing BP & favors Keystone Pipeline

In response to Jeff Creque’s Opinion piece in the West Marin Citizen yesterday, I received this email from a Point Reyes friend: (emphasis added is mine)

FROM: Sim Van der Ryn <sim@ecodesign.org>
DATE: December 24, 2014 at 4:14:12 PM PST
TO: Jane Gyorgy <jane@deepvac.com>
Re: Excellent piece by Dr. Jeff Creque

Absolutely brilliant and moving invocation honoring the sad death of the modern environmental movement which predicted many of the consequences of a world disconnected from nature.
I’ve asked myself for years now why did the Sierra Club NRDC, EDF support the destruction of the most ecologically advanced shellfish producer on the Pacific Coast ? I believe its because they know they’ve lost on all the big issues of climate chaos and no one in dysfunctional DC listens to them. So they score a small “victory” for their diminishing supporters.

In destroying Drake’s Bay. Salazar, in case you don’t know it, went from DC, to the law firm representing BP.

Sim Van der Ryn
P.O. Box 858
Inverness, CA 94937


This rest below is from me:


Former Interior Secretary Ken Salazar:

Oh, Hey, the Keystone Pipeline Is Cool Now.



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  1. Milly Biller

     /  December 25, 2014

    I love it! The knight in shining armor for the Eco- Nazis shows his true colors.His behavior is so transparent that they deserve what they get.


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