06-03-2013 City of Sonoma Unanimously Passes Resolution in Support of Drakes Bay Oyster Farm

06-03-2013 The City of Sonoma unanimously passed a resolution in support of Drakes Bay Oyster Farm today. In conclusion, the resolution reads:

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the City Council of the City of Sonoma

1 Requesting Assembly Member Marc Levine, Chair of the Select Agriculture and Environment Committee, to urge the State of California to assert its rights to continue to lease the water bottoms in Drakes Estero for shellfish cultivation which would include giving support to the Fish and Game Commission in its full jurisdiction; and

2 Request Congressman Jared Huffman to support the bi-partisan Congressional investigation by the appropriate House Committee of Natural Resources which he is a member of, into the questionable science that informed Secretary Salazar’s decision not to grant the Oyster Farm a permit for the facilities onshore Drakes Estero; and

3 Commends and lends its support of Drakes Bay Oyster Farm in its heroic efforts to seek a permit to continue to utilize the onshore facilities and thus to preserve the last oyster cannery in California and the many jobs it provides for women, in particular, maintaining the environmental and agricultural stewardship which presents an expemplary template of harmonious co-existence of sustainable agriculture and wilderness.

     ADOPTED this 3rd day of June, 2013 by the following vote:

                    AYES:                Barbose, Rouse, Brown, Gallian, Cook

                    NOES:                None

                    ABSENT:          None

and was signed by Ken Brown, Mayor and attested to by Gay Johann, City Clerk

For the complete text of the resolution click on, or copy and paste, the link below

Sonoma City of Supporting Drakes Bay Oyster Farm 060313

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