08-01-2013 3rd & B St Pt Reyes, Save Our DBOF sign & Office of EAC

EAC office's sign in lower right, Sign supporting Drakes Bay Oyster Co. put up by Building's Owner in upper left

Take a drive to 3rd and B Street in Point Reyes.

You will find a “Save Drakes Bay Oyster Farm” sign posted just above the ground floor window of West Marin Fitness, facing 3rd St.

(Not that this is an unusual sight in Marin or Sonoma counties these days.

One cannot forget that all polls show 85-95% of West Marinites as well as ALL Marinites favor Saving Drakes Bay Oyster Farm,

hardly the “divisive” issue the opponents would have you believe)

Look closely at the sign on the lower right side of the building

(just above the roof of the car in the photo )

to see the sign for the office of EAC.

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