10-06-1975 Sierra Club Urges Continuation of Oyster Farming in Drakes Estero “NO END”, “NO PROHIBITION”

Letter from Vice Chairman for Wilderness Issues, Sierra Club SF Bay Chapter clarifies:

“Wilderness status does not mean an end to the harvesting of oysters in the Estero, or a prohibition on the use of motorboats by the company in carrying out its operations. “

He goes on to state:

“The Wilderness Act permits prior non-conforming commercial uses to continue and the secretary of the Interior can authorize the continued use of motorboats in support of the enterprise. Departmental memoranda express this quite clearly and the regional solicitor has interpreted the act to permit specifically this commercial operation.”

For the quote, see the first full paragraph on page 2 of the link below:

Wilderness Ltrs Sierra Club 100675 p2

For page one of this two page letter, click on the following link:

Wilderness Ltrs Sierra Club 100675 p1

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  1. Milly Biller

     /  March 24, 2014

    I quit the Sierra Club over the DBOC debacle. I joined when I was 10 years old and used to really enjoy backpack trips and cleanup trips in the high Sierra when I was a kid. You just have to wonder how and when an organization like that falls off the tracks.

  2. Remick Hart

     /  March 25, 2014

    DBOC must stay open. Close EAC and do not support that organization..


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