10-10-2012 Ca Dept of Fish and Game letter to PRNS Muldoon in support of aquaculture at DBOC

10-10-2012 Charlton Bonham, the Director of the State of California, Natural Resources Agency, Department of Fish and Game, in a letter to Point Reyes National Seashore Superintendent Cicely Muldoon, wrote to “encourage continued cooperation between the National Park Service, the California Department of Fish and Game (“Department”), and Drakes Bay Oyster Company….”

He cites the “47 years” of  the two agencies having worked together “to allow continued aquaculture in Drakes Estero.” and “….fishing rights included the rights…for shellfish cultivation.” 

He reminds her of the “…almost five decades, the State has supported aquaculture in Drakes Estero….” and that “continued cooperation … will benefit the environment, the community, and the local economy, consistent with our agencies’ unique history of managing this property….”

For the full text of the letter, click the link below:

DFG Muldoon_Drakes Bay Letter 10_10_12[1]

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