12-17-12 The Battle to Defend Drakes Bay Oyster Farm – Dr. Corey Goodman Speaks Out


Published on Dec 17, 2012

The Battle to Defend Drakes Bay Oyster Farm – Dr. Corey Goodman Speaks Out

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Dr. Corey Goodman, a respected member of the National Academy of Sciences and former professor, blows the whistle on the ongoing fraud and scientific misconduct that the federal government has been engaged in since at least 2007, in order to falsely shut down the Drakes Bay Oyster Farm in Marin County, California, just north of San Francisco. The business has been in operation since 1934.

The November 29 decision of Interior Department Secretary Ken Salazar violates the law and California’s jurisdiction; destroys jobs, 40% of California’s oyster production, and millions of oysters; terminates a beloved business; ignores the community; and turns families into jobless and homeless.

Also watch the interviews of co-owners Kevin Lunny and his sister Ginny Lunny. They also start with the title “The Battle To Save Drakes Bay Oyster Farm”.

Unfortunately, their story is only one of thousands of personal stories that paint the picture of a once helpful government that has turned hostile, which uses various devices to destroy the production of quality food, water, energy, building material, mineral, and other resources that are critical to our nation’s future prosperity, independence, sovereignty, and security.

Visit the Defend Rural America website for more details about this and other issues that span the nation.

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