03-28-13 6PM PST: Fox Business News: Green Tyranny

Louisiana : Feds grab land as “critical habitat” for the dusky gopher frog —

Even though NO gopher frogs on the property

There are NO gopher frogs in the state!

Sound familiar?

Remember the National Park Service Environmental Impact Statement of

“Major Negative Impact” on a species of FRESH WATER FROGS due to the Oyster Farm?


The National Park Service scientists somehow overlooked the fact that

Drakes Bay’s water comes from the ocean –IT IS SALT WATER!

That species of frog would be committing suicide by venturing into Drakes Bay!

Green Tyranny” is the title of tonight’s Stossel Show.

Host John Stossel will spotlight oppressive environmental regulations that victimize average people — undermining their property rights and economic well-being — without meaningful benefit for the environment.

The Stossel Show — airs tonight on the Fox Business network — at 9:00 p.m. EDT
(6:00 p.m. PDT).
Read John’s blog post announcing the show.

One of tonight’s guests will be James S. Burling, Director of Litigation with Pacific Legal Foundation, a watchdog organization that litigates nationwide for limited government, property rights, and a balanced approach to environmental regulations.

Tonight’s show will highlight two cases of abuse that PLF is challenging:

Feds pit prairie dogs against people. In Cedar City, Utah, residents are overwhelmed with an infestation of prairie dogs digging up yards and parks, blocking development of land, and threatening the health of the community — yet federal officials won’t permit commonsense control measures, because they’ve labeled the rodents as “threatened.”

Feds grab private land for a phantom frog. In St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana, federal officials have imposed restrictions on more than 1,500 acres of private property by labeling the land as “critical habitat” for the dusky gopher frog — even though there aren’t any frogs on the property….  THERE AREN’T ANY IN THE ENTIRE STATE!

To watch the show, click on or copy and paste the link below into your web browser:


About Pacific Legal Foundation
Donor-supported Pacific Legal Foundation is the leading legal watchdog organization that litigates for limited government, property rights, and a balanced approach to environmental regulations, in courts across the country. Among its noteworthy species- regulation cases, PLF won the federal court ruling that removed the bald eagle from the federal ESA list.

Oral argument recently took place in PLF’s latest U.S. Supreme Court litigation — the property rights case of Koontz v. St. Johns River Water Management District. A decision is expected by June.

Last year, PLF attorneys won their sixth direct-representation victory at the High Court against over-reaching government: Sackett v. EPA, in which the justices unanimously held that landowners may bring court challenges to federal “wetlands compliance orders.”

Contact: James S. Burling, Director of Litigation, Pacific Legal Foundation (916) 419-7111.

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