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Drakes Bay Oyster Company Worker

Watch the video: “The Framing of an Oyster Farm” by clicking here or copying and pasting this link into your web browser: http://vimeo.com/52331881

Shortly after his election in 2008, President Obama addressed the National Academy of Sciences giving a compelling speech promising scientific integrity and transparency, essentially promising to transform the use of science in government decision making. His speech was so powerful; it brought tears to the eyes to some of those scientists in attendance. As of 9:40 AM, November 29, 2012, his administration, in particular the Secretary of the Interior, Ken Salazar, in league with the Director of the National Park Service Jon Jarvis, turned that promise into a hollow statement by relying on false science, misconduct and fraud* to deny renewal of the lease for Drakes Bay Oyster Farm.

*per two separate NAS studies, MMC studies, numerous independent scientist’s findings, Senator Dianne Feinstein and other bi-partisan government officials


Even though the fight was lost and, with it, the farm, the livelihood of 30 workers and their homes for them, their spouses, their children and their grandchildren in addition to a sustainable, renewable, ecologically beneficial source of food, the abuses continue.

This is the story as it unfolded and the aftermath.


Over the years I lived in Point Reyes (2004 to 2013), I witnessed an incredible story unfold involving the National Park Service, the Sierra Club, the National Parks Conservation Association and the Environmental Action Committee of Marin hurling one accusation after another, year after year, at the owners of Drakes Bay Oyster Company – the Lunnys – and the Lunnys denying everything thrown at them.  

  • At the request of Marin County Board of Supervisor’s Steve Kinsey, the world-renowned scientist and elected member of the National Academy of Sciences, Dr. Corey Goodman, became involved back in 2007 and remains involved to this day. Dr. Goodman found what he believes to be scientific misconduct and has filed charges.
  • Senator Dianne Feinstein was brought in by unanimous vote of the Marin County Board of Supervisors in 2007 and remains involved to this day.
  • In 2011 the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee began looking into the situation. 
    • As of late spring 2012 depositions are underway in preparation for Congressional Hearings into the matter.  
    • Now, the possibility of charges of fraud may be brought against senior staff at the National Park Service and others working with them.
  • 04-14-2014 DBOC to file petition with the US Supreme Court to have their appeal to the decision to keep the farm open during the court case against the DOI heard
  • 04-15-14 DBOC vs California Coastal Commission, Marin Superior Court, Dept B

If the Oyster Farm goes, the ranchers and farmers will be removed citing pollution of the Estero from run off from the agricultural operations as the reason for removal – agriculture and mariculture in West Marin will be destroyed forever.

What is crazy is the establishment of the PRNS was, as Kevin Lunny put it, to preserve the agricultural and maricultural way of life of the area, not to destroy it.

National Park Service Pictograms

My husband and I moved to West Marin in summer of 2004. In late 2006 and early 2007 the story began to unfold. I had no idea whom to believe. Should I believe the National Park Service, nationwide  

environmental groups, plus a local environmental group? After all they are the guys in the proverbial white hats! Or should I believe a local, fourth generation rancher, who purchased the run down 80-year-old oyster farm, and already spent over $300,000 just in cleaning it up and bringing it up to code?

With pressing family and business obligations of my own, all I could do until April of 2011, was read about the saga in the weekly paper every Thursday and look forward to Sunday morning coffee hour after Mass, to hear the Lunny’s side of the story. The trouble came when I’d go home and try to update my husband; the stories were so fantastic, so bizarre, so extreme, they would be met with, “That couldn’t have happened!”, or “They couldn’t have said that!”, or “That can’t be true!”. I honestly began to doubt what I had heard or that I had gotten the story straight. 

About mid April of 2011, with family and business affairs finally straightened out,  I had the time to devote to figuring out what had actually transpired. I thought if I could do some research on the web, get the facts on paper, and create a chronology, I could decipher the mass of information and decide for myself who was telling the truth.

What I found out turned out to have national implications. Along the way, I discovered that the Federal Government –the National Park Service as well as the Department of the Interior – were not telling the truth, over and over again!  And it was not hard to uncover. It was all in black and white. I became outraged by the injustice, the abuse of power and the disregard for the ordinary person and the  small business owner. I was determined to make available to you what I had discovered so that you can read and decide for yourself.

This blog is intended to be informative not inflammatory. I accomplish this by providing links to the actual letters, articles, government reports and investigations, scientific reports and investigations as well as documentation of Bi-Partisan efforts and much more. I have excerpted quotes from each of those documents to provide an idea of the gist of the document being cited. The blog does offer elements of my own journey in my own community to understand a public policy issue and the facts from within it.  

In this blog, you will find:

  • My chronology, including time lines, dates, names, information and hyperlinks to government documents, reports, investigations by the National Academies of Sciences and others, and websites (which I must update often to keep up with ongoing events).
  • Bi-Partisan efforts: Senator Dianne Feinstein, who has been on this since 2007, the original authors of the 1976 Wilderness Act, and others), world-renowned scientists, authors, etc.
  • Commentary (my own) on the draft Environmental Impact Statement, other meetings, etc.
  • YouTube links and Power Point Presentations by Dr. Corey Goodman (the scientist – an elected member of the National Academy of Sciences –  who uncovered and exposed the scientific misconduct which is now the subject of an investigation by the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform) and author Paul D. Berkowitz, a retired 25 year veteran of the National Park Service Criminal Investigation branch.
  • Television News coverage.
  • And more.

Why should you read this, why should you care?

  • We have federal agencies run amok: the Point Reyes National Seashore was established in 1962 when the local ranchers and farmers, with the assistance of the Sierra Club, negotiated a deal to sell their 100 plus year old historic dairies and ranches to the National Park Service in exchange for RENEWABLE leases.  50 years later, they need protection from the very agency that made a deal to protect them in perpetuity.
  • We have national and local environmental groups run amok. The Sierra Club and the National Parks Conservation Association along with the Environmental Action Committee here in Marin, have falsified documents and photographs, given false testimony, and are sending misleading email blasts to their subscribers across the nation in an attempt to aid in the termination of the oyster farm. The Sierra Club, the very group that championed the cause to protect and preserve the ranches and dairies 50 years ago now seeks to destroy them today by starting with the removal of the oyster farm.
  • We have a locally produced, sustainable, renewable, ecologically beneficial food source that provides jobs for 30 local workers, a good thing for the planet and a good thing for the locals and the local economy.
  • Drakes Estero is one of the most pristine estuarine systems in the nation where eelgrass has doubled and harbor seals find refuge during the pupping season. It is a sanctuary well protected by the oyster operation and its workers.
  • World population in 1960 was 3 Billion, as of November 2011, it is 7 Billion, two and one-third times bigger in 50 years. Congress wants to increase shellfish production by 5 fold, the President wants to create jobs, and the Sierra Club, the National Park Conservation Association, the Environmental Action Committee (of Marin) along with  the National Park Service want to eliminate them. Seems like some cannot see the forest for the trees!

 I will bring you information as it becomes available and will post commentary as well.

 Where should you begin?  

  • Start with the chronology
  • then read the Commentary
  • then the YouTube presentations of Dr. Corey Goodman. 

After that, have a look at the Articles and Letters, Scientists Weigh In, and then NPS Elsewhere.

Decide for yourself what is going on.


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  1. robert a. wojcik

     /  November 10, 2011

    This is happening all over the United States, the environmental terrosist, sierra club, audubon club, defenders of wildlife, dept. of interior, Natl. Parks, have lied, presented false research and about anything else to get their way. If these terroists would have put the money into the parks instead of lawyers far more would have been accomplished.

    I see the same thing happening in the Outer Banks of North Carolina – all over 1 bird, the Piping Plover. These birds have more room to roam then anyone and who has killed the last 26 Piping Plovers – bird counters, Parks Service, etc.

    As a veteran – thought it was about Freedom, not anymore.

    • Yes and soon I will be adding a new page with links to all articles I have uncovered, or that I have received from readers, about those “other situations”. Check out the Page “Articles & Letters”, 10-01-11 Seattle Times article on Mt. Rainier.
      If you come across anything, please feel free to forward it to me.

    • Robert: Check out the new page “NPS Elsewhere”

  2. Holy cow. Thanks for letting me know about this. Have you seen the documentary END:CIV they also point to these large ‘conservation’ corporations greenwashing logging etc. I will pass this to as many people as I can.

  3. I’m really enjoying the design and layout of your website. It’s a very easy on the eyes which makes it much more pleasant for me to come here and visit more often. Did you hire out a developer to create your theme? Fantastic work!

    • Thank you for your kind words. I did it myself. 🙂

    • I was thinking the same thing, Copper. Its 6:30 a.m. and I just heard on the news about Drake’s throwing in the towel, so I googled the topic and found this site. I usually spend 30 seconds on a blog. Thirty minutes later, I’m outraged! Great writing,organization, and design. Thank you, Jane, for your commitment and telling the story.

  4. Loretta Murphy

     /  November 23, 2011

    Dear Jane,
    I have read most of these articles; and have sat in on many of the proceedings with the NPS, Marin Mammal Commission, etc, as well as the “Scoping Meetings” and dEIS Comment Meetings and have been both outraged and flabergasted at the bold-faced lies that are told and retold with straight faces by those wanting to close the oyster company at any cost; including their own integrity. I am left with the sixty-four thousand dollar question – WHO HAS THE POWER TO TAKE THESE LIARS TO TASK? I remain hopeful that truth still has a place in our society.
    Thank you for all you are doing to bring this national debacle into the light!

  5. Thank you for posting this information out for all of us to see. I am a wild horse supporter and I know exactly the kind of sneaky underhandedness and nefarious actions taken by the DOI/BLM & the National Parks used to justify reasons for managing our wild herds basically into extinction. I am more and more less surprised by the purposeful actions that agencies use for the raping of our land and natural resources, it breaks my heart. Again thank you for posting this and I am following you now so I can keep up on the latest and not so greatest.. People must see these actions as their personal motivator to become involved to warden over the so called “experts” and hold them accountable for their actions and the ever lasting results that we are left to deal with.. Dang!!! Thanks 🙂

  6. Rob Dickinson

     /  December 5, 2011

    Just stumbled upon this after googling Point Reyes. I happened to fly over the area in my airplane last week on a south-to-north transit of the entire CA coast, during which the uniqueness and beauty of the Point Reyes area caught my eye from the air.

    Apart from flying over it, I knew NOTHING about the area and wow, what an education I’ve received in the last hour while following link after link. Thank you for the effort, which I’m sure was significant. Needless to say, I’m outraged at what I’ve learned and I hope this wrong can be righted, avoided or otherwise somehow deflected with common sense.

    Looks like I came upon this just in time to add my comments to the fray, which I’ll do via the links on drakesbayoyster.com before the 09 December deadline. It’s not much and I don’t live in the area, but I hope it helps.


    • Rob: you can comment multiple times. Go to the “How to Comment” page for ideas, inspirations and cut and paste. comment soon, comment often, help us save this locally produced food source which is a safe haven for harbor seals and can co-exist!

  7. Thought I might add this “If most of us are ashamed of shabby clothes and shoddy furniture, let us be more ashamed of shabby ideas and shoddy philosophies… It would be a sad situation if the wrapper were better than the meat wrapped inside it.” – Albert Einstein

  8. Just what is the Plan?

    • Congressman (and Chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform) Darrell Issa has summoned those responsible to Washington for depositions prior to Congressional Hearings.

  9. I m dedicated to this because I believe that we can help Americans achieve a better understanding of the ideas and ideals, and the principles, which formed this country.

  10. Read all the posts under Reports & Investigations as well as the Scientists Weigh In. And do read the “Who Is Dr. Corey Goodman?” bio-sketch. Then decide for yourself and write me again.

  11. Jack Baker

     /  December 17, 2011

    It is inconceivable that the Park Service would seriously consider curtailing, let alone shutting down the sustainable fishery in Drake’s Bay. (Alas, for the likes of the Sierra Club, it is entirely conceivable.) The functioning dairies at Pt. Reyes have a much larger impact, and it’s not nearly as natural a one as the oyster fariming in Drakes Bay. I am not advocating for closing the dairies but how long will it be before they too are in the cross-hairs?

    • You hit the nail on the head. They already are. In the dEIS it states once the oyster farm is removed [thus removing the water filtering conducted by the oysters] there will be a problem of “pollution caused by run off by the ranches”. Once the oyster farm is goneThey will not need an EIS or anyone’s approval whatsoever to evict the ranches!

  12. Have not found it yet, will keep looking.

  13. Ginny

     /  December 24, 2011

    The real problem is the leadership. Look at CA and the water situation and its impact on our food supply. If we couldn’t get our leadership to pull things under control with that what chance does an oyster farm, an individual who has been told they can’t do anything on their own property, a small community like Hatteras and Ocracoke Islands, etc. have in getting fair treatment. Oh, and the new articles about EPA looking to define sustainable development as a new benchmark and changing the ESA so that endangered listings apply throughout all states in a listed species range, despite prevelance elsewhere–we are headed in the wrong direction and we need to consider the environmental stance of those we vote for in the upcoming election. This is as important and maybe more important than the candidates economic polocies because it is as big a drag on job creation and the economies of small communities as anything else. Nonetheless, I hear few if any questions in this area.

  14. I thought this quote was extremely suiting “Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude.” – Thomas Jefferson

  15. Hi! Would you mind if I share your blog with my myspace group? There’s a lot of people that I think would really appreciate your content. Please let me know. Thank you

  16. salutations from over the sea. interesting article I shall return for more.

  17. It’s one thing for the NPS to say, close off an old dirt road that silts up a creek every time there’s rain. It’s another thing entirely to shutter a business that actually helps make a net gain in our [global] struggle for sustainability. The oyster farm obviates all the fuel that would be needed to fly/truck oysters across the state or nation by raising locally what local people consume. Buying at the farm means you don’t drive over the hill to San Rafael for oysters, or buy them from Washington State growers. Same holds true for meat, dairy and produce. It’s something to strive for and it works with the oyster farm very well. Why the NPS would ignore the positive to make some kind of point about other issues like jurisdiction and agendas just does not make sense.

  18. Never mind the Sierra Club , are you aware the P.H.. of the oceans is turning
    acidic whitch is death for oyster larvae. I bought oysters @ the Drakes bay
    farm in the 70s and 80s . I am interested in how the oysters are doing
    Drakes Bay as I here they are getting hammered in other locations up
    Please keep me informed about this important issue.
    Sincierly , Matt Jackson

    • Matt: See Fighting Climate Change with oysters under Articles and Letters, 11/30/11, for some very interesting information and a link to the full article in “The Atlantic” by BRENDAN SMITH – “an oysterman, co-founder of Voices for a Sustainable Future, and senior fellow at the Progressive Technology Project. His writing has appeared in the Los Angeles Times, The Guardian, Grist, and CBSNews.com.”

  19. Hi Jane
    We enjoyed some oystets out on the Esteto yesterday in the sun. I picked up the card with the QR code and scanned it here. Fantastic. See you at Mass today.
    Russ, Anne, Paul, Tibby

  20. Touching base here in point Reyes on the Drake’s Bay Oyster horror story. Did you know the existing law creating the Point Reyes National Seashore stipulated that all fishing/ocean harvesting control (if any) would FOREVER remain with the California Department of Fish and Game? NOT under control of the NPS, the Marin County Public Works Department, the National Guard or the Cub Scouts. No, the CASH-STRAPPED State of California’s Fish and Game.
    A reliable source today revealed to me that Drake’s pays INTO the State’s reeling coffers several thousand dollars a year just in annual license fees. This is NOT to mention payroll taxes and positive economic impacts of 30 employees in a vital sustainable harvesting operation. What us the NPS thinking?
    And in an example of slack and spineless governance, the Commisuoners were “gone fishing” when it was been called on as due process to assert itself in hearings on kepping the oystet farm’s himble operation. Is California intent on collapse from apathy on the part of bureaucrats who have all the energy in the world to play partisan ping-pong with blame for horrible cuts in the budget while being asleep at the wheel about actual REVENUE streams?
    The Department of Fish and Game needs to assert the state’s rights and safeguard the license fees and economical and environmental windfall the oyster farm provides. Like, yesterday. EVERYONE needs to know the state, in what I suspect is a widespread slow-mo catastrophe, is throwing away lawful income streams and sustainable emoyment due to bureaucratic stasis. This is a sickness in California’s state government that must not kill a small local food operation that alone supplies 40% of the entire state’s shellfish harvest.

  21. Touching base here in point Reyes on the Drake’s Bay Oyster horror story. Did you know the existing law creating the Point Reyes National Seashore stipulated that all fishing/ocean harvesting control (if any in the seashore) would FOREVER remain with the California Department of Fish and Game? NOT under control of the NPS, the Marin County Public Works Department, the National Guard or the Cub Scouts. No, the CASH-STRAPPED State of California’s Fish and Game.
    A veryvreliable source today revealed to me that Drake’s pays INTO the State’s reeling coffers several thousand dollars a year just in annual license fees. This is NOT to mention payroll taxes and positive economic impacts of 30 employees in a vital sustainable harvesting operation. What us the NPS thinking? 
    And in an example if slack and stupid governance, the state F&G Commissjoners are “gone fishing” when it has been called on in due process to assert itself in the oyster affair hearings. Is California intent on demonstrating a collapse pin leadership from apathy on the part of bureaucrats who have all the energy in the world to play partisan ping-pong with blame for horrible cuts in the budget while being asleep at the wheel about actual REVENUE streams? 
    The Department of Fish and Game needs to assert the state’s rights and safeguard the license fees and economical and environmental windfall the oyster farm provides. Like, yesterday. EVERYONE needs to know the state, in what I suspect is a widespread slow-mo catastrophe, is throwing away lawful income streams and sustainable employment due to bureaucratic stasis. This is a sickness in California’s state government that must not kill a small local food operation that alone supplies 40% of the entire state’s shellfish harvest.

  22. Bob

     /  July 16, 2012

    A perfect example of “I’m God and you’re not.” To all of the Marin County “swells”, be advised that the oysters have more right to be there than you. Do they pollute their territory? No. They clean it. You are the ones who muddy the waters. On a regular basis.

  23. Bob

     /  July 17, 2012

    OOPS! I jumped in the wrong direction. The “swells” of Marin County are hereby absolved from untoward acts in the matter of the oyster farm and its residents. Rather, this is the province of the NPS and its ilk. Just remember that they are from the government and are here to help us. See “God” above. Kansas (“Shucks”) Bob

  24. Bud Wakeland

     /  November 12, 2012

    The oyster farm is a California treasure. I have visited it with my children and friends several times and always find it a wonderful experience. It really should be touted with pride as a California gem. That our government would even consider shutting the place down is nauseating. Surely someone in the NPS can be brought to trial about this outrage.
    Bud Wakeland, El Sobrante

  25. Alex Koval

     /  November 15, 2012

    I would like to sign the petition in support of the oyster farm. How do I do this.

  26. willow

     /  November 21, 2012

    Any news on Salazar visit yet? buzz says he is leaning to leave the post? soon – SJ Merc has a shallow item on the visit… http://www.mercurynews.com/breaking-news/ci_22042065/interior-secretary-decide-ca-oyster-farms-fate

  27. I am completely depressed upon hearing that the Drake’s Estero Oyster Farm in California is being shut down.
    When I was a child I grew up by the sea in San Francisco. The ocean was still alive in 1950’s.
    I visited the then Johnson’s Oyster Farm, the current estero farm and found the best oysters on the coast.
    I was inspired, and along with my fascination with Nature, grew up to become a Marine Biologist.
    As I grew older, I watched the ocean die, from our actions or inactions.
    Definitely not from oyster farming.
    This news has caused me to lose hope in the direction American is taking, we should be encouraging these growers.
    To destroy a “Green” business that has been in operation for almost 100 years is illogical.
    I am quitting the Seirra Club for their part in this, but will continue to work towards better understanding of scientific data
    – not ignorant, fascist environmentalism!
    Glenn W. Schot Hanalei, HI, USA

  28. I think the environmentalists need to start reading Wendell Barry. This is the classic stewardship/agrarianism business that Barry wrote in favor of, and it is being pushed out by those city-based environmentalists.

    I wish you the best of luck. I hope things do in fact resolve well.

  29. Dawn Johnson-Burchfiel

     /  November 30, 2012

    Thank you for bringing this to the attention of many. I see that the decision of the Secretary of the Interior this morning has been to deny the extenstion of the lease with a 90 day period allowed for you all to pack your bags. (according to the Mercury News) This is an outrage!

  30. Kim Parigoris

     /  November 30, 2012

    Have the Lunnys contacted the Pacific Legal Foundation? They are in Sacramento. http://www.pacificlegal.org

  31. Tony Favero

     /  December 3, 2012

    Here is an OP-ED that I wrote concerning the GGNRA which is administered by NPS: It is basically an indictment of the National Park Service.

    The February 2012 Taser weapon misuse by a ranger in Montara, California to subdue a dog walker in an off-leash incident in the Golden Gate National Recreational Area (GGNRA) unveils a distressing narrative of long-standing hostility towards public freedom in what is legislatively defined as a recreational area, not a wilderness or national park per se. Such antagonism embodies attitudes symptomatic of GGNRA’s highest management on down that afflict community rights of access and use of public lands, and advance a history replete with fraud, deceit and intolerance of people and dogs. [GGNRA is under the National Park Service (NPS).]
    Such attitudes are revealing: In 1989, GGNRA Supervisor Brian O’Neill, signed on to a biosphere habitat program headed by Peter Bridgewater who stated that “Earth would be a better place if we had no people,” and from Brian O’Neill, “I will not have dogs running loose in MY Park.” From Daphne Hatch, GGNRA’s Chief of Natural Resources, “Ocean Beach without the people is an incredible habitat.”
    The President’s Recreational Advisory Council on March 1963 released “Policy Circular No. 1”, with the clear imperative that National Recreational Areas focus primarily on “recreational uses” rather than “preserving unique natural or historical resources.” With this directive, NPS advisory board created three distinct operating units: 1. Wilderness Areas, 2. Historical Monuments and 3. Recreation Areas. Unit designations were made official by then Secretary of the Interior Udall on July 10, 1964. Udall stipulated management policies for the Recreational Area unit as “Outdoor recreation shall be recognized as the dominant or primary resource management objective”, with emphasis on resource use as “active participation in outdoor recreation…”
    The 1972 enabling legislation for GGNRA states: [the park properties are] “…to provide for the maintenance of needed recreational open space necessary to urban environment and planning.”
    But early in 1970, the General Authorities Act of 1970 commenced the deceitful unraveling of the three aforementioned management categories, despite assurances that modifications were simply administrative and “not intended to create significant changes in the management of parks.” It is here that GGNRA’s Superintendent Whalen promoted decisions that surreptitiously positioned “preservation/restoration” over “recreation.”
    In 1977, Whalen, now a newly appointed director in the NPS, dissolved the three-unit divisions which formally bestowed distinct administration of Recreation Area properties. Later in 1979, GGNRA capitulated to outraged public pressure to create the “1979 Pet Policy” to permit off-leash recreation and access for dogs and their owners. With intentional deceit, the GGNRA management deliberately neglected to officially entitle this Pet Policy as a Section Seven Special Regulation.
    In 2001, GGNRA summarily eliminated all off-leash recreation with the bogus revelation that the “1979 Pet Policy” was non-compliant with Federal Law as a Section Seven Special Regulation. The resulting public outrage stirred the S.F. Board of Supervisors to research a reversion of GGNRA properties to their jurisdiction. In 2005, U.S. District Court Judge William Alsup exposed the duplicitous fraud perpetrated by the NPS and reinstated the “1979 Pet Policy”. Despite the reinstatement and the judge’s admonishments, the “1979 Pet Policy” remains absent in Section Seven Regulations.
    In 2008, GGNRA partnered with some environmental alliances to endorse an effort by Rep. Nancy Pelosi to deceitfully sneak a ‘Park’ name switch permitting an alteration of governing mandates from National Recreation Area to National Park with H.R. bill 6305. The resulting public uproar forced Pelosi to abandon her attempt to thwart the will of the people and the Federal Court.
    GGNRA’s current 2011 Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) promotes circumvention of recreational freedoms comparable to GGNRA’s malicious effort to expel Drakes Bay Oyster Farm in Point Reyes, which compelled Senator Dianne Feinstein to intercede with a harsh letter to Interior Secretary Ken Salazar and Peggy O’Dell, the Park Service Deputy Director asserting that…. “The National Park Service and the Department of the Interior have once again failed to grasp the severity of recent misconduct at Point Reyes National Seashore,” Feinstein demanded “immediate measures to eliminate political agendas and instill in employees a rigorous and objective pursuit of scientific truth. It is critical, that the government publicly disavow the practice of selectively misusing and misconstruing science to achieve a desired outcome.”
    A partial inventory of such agenda driven disputes with NPS/GGNRA includes the Sea Scouts, Surfrider Foundation, bicycle organizations, California Farm Bureau, San Francisco and Marin County Firefighters, hang gliding enthusiasts, Humane societies and Disability Rights Advocates who are once more in litigation with the GGNRA for failure to provide requisite access for the disabled. Such conflicts with NPS/GGNRA are not merely confined to California, related battles are taking place with the NPS on the east coast at Cape Hatteras National Seashore Recreation Area in North Carolina and other locales.
    The litanies of transgressions hostile to public access freedoms by NPS/GGNRA remain copious and relentless. Wisdom dictates that California and the City of San Francisco commence legal reversion of all GGNRA properties to original jurisdictions with new managements and prohibit county open space groups from ceding any lands to NPS/GGNRA to ensure freedom of use of these very public and recreational lands now and for future generations.
    Tony Favero
    Free lance writer/media researcher
    Former math/science educator
    Half Moon Bay, CA

  32. mark armanini

     /  December 3, 2012

    Big Government at its worst is demonstrated through NPS/GGNRA bullying, scientific misrepresentation and fraud to coerce Closure of Drakes Bay Oyster Farm. NPS/GGNRA power and tactics to conduct scientific fraud with impunity to achieve their ideology and political agenda does not bode well for other recreational activities and businesses that are on their environmental hit list.

    Contrived environmental impact allegations to force closure of Drakes Bay Oyster Farm exemplifies the fortress mentality of National Park (and State Park) system and agencies that have adopted a contentious approach that marginalizes citizens and uses environmentalism as a weapon.

    I need to understand 1] Who is responsible for these autocratic agencies, and how to hold them accountable? 2] Why are they so powerful?, 3] How to stop them?, and 4] What other businesses and recreational activities are on the environmental hit list?

    I’ll naively take a shot at #1 and #4;

    1]. Who is responsible for these autocratic agencies?
    National Park Service (NPS)
    Ken Salazar, Secretary Dept of Interior
    Jon Jarvis, National Park Service Director

    Golden Gate National Recreational Area (GGNRA, California Bay Area)
    Frank Dean, Superintendent

    4]. What other businesses and recreational activities are on the environmental hit list?
    Pacifica Sharp Park Golf Course (GGNRA)
    ref – http://www.7×7.com/fitness-outdoors/pacifica-s-sharp-park-golf-course-faces-possible-closure

    Most California Bay Area Recreational Parks and Beaches, through intensified Regulation, Restriction and Enforcement (NPS, GGNRA).
    ref 1 –

    ref 2 –

    ref 3 –

    Hawaii State Park Kayaking Ban (State Park)
    ref –

  33. laura and rod marcoux, 41 cypress road, pt. reyes station, ca. 94956

     /  December 8, 2012

    Please do not stop fighting to save the Drakes Bay Oyster Farm. The farm is part of our
    culture here in West Marin. We love the Lunny Family and we love the job t hey do to bring
    us sustainable food and keep our environment pristine.

    Rod and Laura Marcoux
    41 Cypress Road
    Pt. Reyes Station, C A. 94956

  34. Tony Griffin

     /  December 8, 2012

    In my opinion the correct legal direction for the Drakes Bay Oyster Co. is forget all the EIR stuff and focus on oysters as being agriculture, and thus exempted from the Act – by history and by intent. Just because the oysters are on the water – does not mean they are not agriculture.

    Tony Griffin
    2 Cameron St., Inverness

    • ALRUI

       /  December 9, 2012

      Thats sounds like an excellent idea but I wonder if theres a difference legally between “aquaculture” & agriculture” to get said exemption?

  35. mark armanini

     /  December 11, 2012

    PETITION to SAVE Drakes Bay Oyster Farm!
    Please help save Point Reyes Drakes Bay Oyster Farm by signing attached petition.


    Allegation and fraud is the basis for National Park Service (NPS. Ken Salazar, Department of the Interior Secretary) justification for closing this historic business.

  36. Paul

     /  December 15, 2012

    I have been an enthusiastic customer for over 40 years. I am alway’s pleased and delighted by the landscape and the Oyster Farm which has not changed since my first trip. We always
    marvel at the way the harvesting of the Oysters is done the old fashion way by hand and not with “Big Polluting Machinery”. This is a sustainable and enviromently friendy farm. It is time to draw a line in the sand with the Bureaucrats that are out to destroy it.
    Paul Brown

  37. This sickens me. I am 100% certain that the Oyster Farm is a much better steward of this land than the US government ever could be. In fact, it will go from a small income, well managed property to one that will become a taxpayer cost center – how dumb is that?

    What could I specifically do to help you?

    • Write and call every representative and senator, demand they reverse this decision. Find people who know famous Mexican Americans, musicians (Santana, Los Lobos, etc), comedians (Gabrielle Iglesias aka the Fluffy Guy), opera stars (Davide Lumilla), authors, poets, diplomats, you name it, get them to pull together an “Oyster Aide” a la Willie Nelson’s Farm Aide. We need this done asap.

  38. Sorry – one more question:

    What is the exact status of things as of today?

  39. Bill Hart

     /  January 2, 2013

    It is sad that a decission of this importance is manifpulated by bully tacticts and bad science. The park service and specifically, the superintendent of Point Reyes has a history of making up science to get thier way. I remember when surfing was shut down in the 1990s. I asked the Superintendent why and he reffered me to a govenment report that he said indicated that 23 surfers had died on the Coast in the past. I got a copy of the report through the freedom of inoformation act and brought it to the superintendents office. When he saw that I had the report, he threatened to have me arrested for making trouble. The report did not show that surfers had dies, but showed that they had saved others. He had also ordered his rangers to harrass the surfers. This was resolved in the surfer’s favor by having the Surf Riders Foundation read the report and threaten a legal and press campaign if surfing was not opened imediately. They know the science was bad and were going to arrest people who challenged the ruling. It seems that they still operate in the same manner.

    • Question Authority!

      That seemed to be the mantra of my generation.

      I graduated from High School in the Watsonville area in 1988.

      Most of my fellow students at that time were quick to ‘question authority’. Now, they mostly cheer it. They love to see regulations laid out for ‘the cause’ of environmentalism, or to ‘save the planet’. The wrapping of the arguments infatuates them. Their feelings are their guide.

      It’s sad to see my friends turn into institutional lovers…supporters of big government and feel good policies based on politics, that lead to election of local and national political frauds, such as the greatest community organizer ever, now president of the U.S.

      It is very troubling to see those elected frauds develop policies that enhance the government’s ability to snuff out the livelihood of some…while the majority are told it is for their own good.

      The pigs are in the house.

      • I graudated high school in ’74..and was a proud part of the first Earth Day. Little did I know that I was participating in the birth of a movement that will be the demise of this country if we do not bring some sanity in to the movement that has been hijacked. I often wondered what happened to the liberals of my era (of which I was one) I took a right turn and they turned in to the totalitarians of today.. They know what is best for you and me, and they plan on seeing that we “comply” If you want more information on this entire movement read Rosa Koire’s book “Behind the Green Mask” available on Amazon through hard copy and Kindle.. The pieces of the puzzle will all start coming together.

      • ALRUI

         /  February 21, 2013

        Well stated!

  40. Emarie

     /  April 28, 2013

    Check out the latest environmental fraud case in Sonoma county against the National Audubon society See CBN news release dated April first 2013 or google national audubon fraud you will see this case in action. Yet another case of the grand almighty environmental groups pushing there way to the extend of devious nature .

  41. Richard Urbanek

     /  May 7, 2013

    Does anyone know the date of the next court proceeding
    on the current injunction ?

  42. Richard Urbanek

     /  May 31, 2013

    Are the dairy farms ALSO at risk and if so what is the timeline
    for saving them?

    Rivhard U.

  43. bruce mitchell

     /  June 2, 2013

    Hi Jane, It’s been a few months since the last time I had a question(s) for you. The one I have now pertains to the Conservation Study Institute’s “Stewardship Begins with People” booklet published in 2007. The printed version has a chapter about Point Reyes National Seashore that has a picture of Dave Evans and Kevin Lunny in it. However, Corey Goodman alerted me to the fact that the NPS subsequently published an online version with Kevin’s picture removed. There’s a section of text about DBOC and a quote from Kevin that were also removed. Have you seen this redacted version? The link to it is: http://www.nps.gov/csi/pdf/Atlas.pdf.
    If you don’t have a copy of the printed version I can mail you one to compare the two.

    My other question is do you know how to find out who posted the redacted version to the web and when. I’m also curious to find out if the Conservation Institute’s Executive Director Michael Creasy is aware of the “updated” version and if the NPS informed him they were making substantive changes in his agency’s work product.
    Thanks for any help you can give me with this,
    Bruce Mitchell

    • Hello Bruce! I am well aware of both the booklet and the “revised” online version. Please see my posting titled: “03-21-13 The Case of the Missing Publication, Stewardship Begins With People” or click on the link here to go directly to it


      It is also on my chronology as of late 2011. I found out about it in 2011 and wrote about it then. I believe I even had a letter to the editor of the Point Reyes Light and / or the West Marin Citizen printed regarding this.

      The only way one can obtain a copy(or copies), and there is no charge for them, or for shipping via FedEx Second Day – our tax dollars at work you see – I have ordered TEN copies on three separate occasions in the past two months and received them although the last batch arrived parcel post.

      There was a time the Conservation Studies Institute claimed they were “not available”. You will have to ask Kevin and Nancy Lunny about that.

      As to your “other question”, no I do not know how to find out who posted the redacted version to the web. Perhaps Jon Jarvis and Don Neubacher could answer that if the Conservation Studies Institute does not know themselves. It would be worth contacting Exec. Dir. Creasy about the “updated” version and asking if he was informed of the changes in his work product. I would be interested in knowing if you receive a response and from whom it came, or did NOT come, as the case may be…

  44. Richard Urbanek

     /  June 12, 2013

    I would like to learn the relationship between the dairy farms and their lease
    and the oyster farm’s lease. WHY are the dairy farms not being threatened at this
    ]time? Are the leases different? OR is the difference the LOCATION of the oyster
    farm vs the location of the dairies?

    • In order to eliminate the dairy and cattle ranches without having to go through a public process the oyster farm must be eliminated first. When eliminated, the NPS then can claim the ranches’ run off into the estero is polluting the estero and can order them removed without EIS, NEPA, public comment or input! The oysters, being filter feeders, help to keep the estero waters clean. Remove them and the run off does not get filered out.

  45. After being engaged in this struggle against a tyrannical park service and a host of zealots for years, I just came across your website. thank you for your service!
    I think the key to the controversy is the fact that many irrational vegan purists simply hate oysters and make a scrunched-up “eeeewww, yuck!” face when confronted with one. Unlike the Native Americans and other normal humans who enjoy shellfish, diary products and the Drakes Beach Cafe, they want to purify, cleanse and eliminate everything human in this so-called “wilderness” (a “wilderness” with a quarter million park visitors and thousands of cars going past the driveway to the oyster farm).
    If the struggle to keep our oyster farm is lost, you can be sure the cows and the cafe are next. They will close the dirt road and force all non-uniformed civilian to undergo a park ranger lecture and a $8 jitney ride to a controlled observation area.
    Been up to Muir Woods lately? This is what lies in store for the seashore….

    • Robert Wojcik

       /  January 30, 2014

      At the national parks in the outer banks, we have bird resting areas on the beach. If a bird looks like it is breeding, is breeding the beach is closed. One cannot walk on the beach.
      What has come of common sense?


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