02-28-1961 Economic Feasibility of Proposed PRNS

This is the report on the Economic Feasibility of the Proposed Point Reyes National Seashore prepared by Region Four Office, United States Department of the Interior Stewart L. Udall, Secretary and National Park Service Conrad L. Wirth, Director.

From the Introduction, page 1, column 2, paragraph 2:

Existing commercial oyster beds and an oyster cannery at Drakes Estero, plus three existing commercial fisheries, should continue under national seashore status because of their public values. The culture of oysters is an interesting and unique industry which presents exceptional educational opportunities for introducing the public, especially students, to the field of marine biology. continuation of commercial fishing, with expansion of existing facilities to include sea food restaurants and markets and charter boat service for deep sea sport fishing would be compatible with the seashore concept.”


1961 02-61 Economic Feasibility

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1961 02-61 Economic Feasibility

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