02-27-2014 Marin IJ Readers’ Forum: OYSTER FARM TO THE RESCUE!

Marin Readers’ Forum for Feb. 27

From Marin Independent Journal readers

Posted:   02/26/2014 06:03:18 PM PST

Oyster farm to the rescue

With all the years of ugly debate and bad blood regarding Drakes Bay Oyster Co.’s presence on Drakes Estero, I wanted to bring to light a very salient thing that happened this past Saturday.

It was a gorgeous day — one in which a couple dozen kayakers ventured out into the estero, while dozens of other people picnicked, barbecuing oysters.

Late in the afternoon, the kayakers returned to the take-out spot on the estero — which was a silty, low-tide mess.

Many of them struggled and one couple was mired up to their waists in mud.

Without being asked, oyster farm workers Jorge Mata and Valerio Salgado sprang to action.

They deftly maneuvered the farm’s boat into position and pulled the kayakers from the mud.

Afterward, I asked Mr. Mata how often he helps kayakers in distress on the estero. He said it’s in the many tens of dozens over the 30 years he’s lived and worked on the farm.

This begs the question: If the oyster farm is given the boot and Drakes Estero is deserted, who will be there to come to the aid of people who venture into the estero unprepared and vulnerable .

The National Park Service?

The Coast Guard?

Yeah, right.

Jon A. Soliday, Menlo Park


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