07-22-13 Corrections to the Blog Postings Order

To all Followers of www.OysterZone.ORG

As you know, each of the posting titles is preceded by the original date of publication (to the general public be it news paper, TV or Radio, Court filing, legal brief, scientific report, whatever).

Some postings appeared in the order in which I posted them to the blog – which is not what I wanted.  Those of you researching material and expecting a reverse chronological order under any heading, may have concluded, incorrectly, the item you sought was not available. It was, but it may not have appeared where you expected.

I have just completed a review of all 288 postings and revised the “Published Date” (published to the blog that is) and made corrections to those postings with incorrect publish dates. This was necessary in order to have all the postings display in proper reverse chronological order.

Now, when you click on a menu heading such as Legal Documents, Scientific Reports & Investigations, Videos, etc., all items listed should display with the most recent first.

I have found one posting out of order on the Articles & Letters page and I have WordPress working on why this is so. There may be others, and I will be looking for them.

Thank you for your continued interest and support in Saving Our Drakes Bay Oyster Company farm!


Jane Gyorgy

PS: If you have access to an article, a legal document, a report, or something else that is not currently on the blog, please forward it and I will review it for posting to the blog.

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