04-28-2013 Firemen Oyster Cook-Off in Petaluma yields support for Drakes Bay Oyster Company

Save Drakes Oysters

This was the last person I spoke to before I packed up at the firemen oyster cook-off and save the farm tabling event.
She cried while we were talking. Re-affirmed again why I am helping out, why we are all doing what we are doing to save the farm.
She and her husband will be posting the large Save Our Drakes Oyster burlap banner on the tall yellow building across from the Petaluma watch tower for all of Petaluma to see. Keep an eye out for it. ; )

The Petaluma Butter and Eggs Festival, Fire station # 1. April 27th, 2013.

Police officers in uniform came up to me saying they would call Huffman (one said he wouldn’t, so I told him he couldn’t take the wine stave because that was part of the wine stave ‘agreement’…he laughed and said…ok he would call!), an entire latino family who worked during the Johnson’s time and are friend with the present farm workers took the tel. # to call Huffman, lots of young families, long time Inverness home owners vented on the situation ( i was happy to be their sounding board) and they took some postcards I still had and tel for H., restaurant owners, a petaluma city council took a sign….one young man said can I call Huffman now?

I could go on….but the Lunnys, the farm and the experience of being at DBOC has locked people into a firm support and a will to do anything to save it.
I would say I think at another event, it would be great to videotape people’s spontaneous words….

Those willing to evict the farm are OUTNUMBERED by a highly energized Marin, Sonoma, S.F. community.

We should be able to win this one.

If you remember the days of LBAM (Light Brown Apple Moth) in the Bay area,  fighting the state of Ca (CDFA) and federal gov’t (USDA) on aerial spraying of pesticides….no one thought we could win it and stop aerial spraying, it was an emergency mandatory order from the federal gov’t. Not only did we stop it but we stopped in in urban areas and we de-funded the state monies for it. Never been done -ever. The community united together made it happen.
In addition, after the LBAM PR nightmare, UC Davis proposed setting up an Advisory Committee to the USDA. I and 5 scientists, an ag. commissioner and health concern individual were chosen for this committee. Out of that effort came a “Community Perception to Emergency Responses” document.
Today, I received the finished copy.
CDFA and the USDA are deterred from ever messing with the public in the future on such an issue.

I forsee something similar happening after we save the farm. The fight for other Pt. Reyes farmers will not be over and an Advisory Committee set up to accept all the good work that Corey, Jeff C. , Tom M., Paul O, and others have done should be put into a document  similar to this “Community Perception…”…it could be a “Community Perceptions and Scientific Misuse by the NPS”. I’m sure we could find a University to work in cooperation with us.  Anyway…these documents are important shifts. Now, the CDFA has open and transparent meetings on invasive species, UNHEARD of during LBAM days. CDFA locked all doors to communication. They’ve come a long way…all from public pressure!

People can rule over politics and stupid laws or regulations!  It can be done.


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