04-24-12 NPS DEIS Soundscape Deception

Below you will find all the power point presentations that accompanied Dr. Corey S. Goodman’s letter to DOI Acting IG Kendall, DOI Science Integrity Officer Morgenweck, and NPS Science Integrity Officer Machlis.

The world renowned scientist is asking the Department of the Interior to assure the public that:

  • NPS will publicly withdraw their DEIS on Drakes Estero
  • ATKINS will publicly withdraw their peer-review report; and
  • Interior and NPS will cancel the Vanasse Hangen Brustlin contract.

NPS DEIS soundscape deception EPILOGUE

NPS DEIS soundscape deception executive summary

NPS DEIS soundscape deception overview

NPS DEIS soundscape deception.part 1

NPS DEIS soundscape deception.part 2

NPS DEIS soundscape deception.part 3

NPS DEIS soundscape deception.part 4

NPS DEIS soundscape deception.part 5

NPS DEIS soundscape deception.part 6

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