11-03-11 NPS forces Indian Trader out of business in Arizona

11-03-11: Indian Country Today, National Park Service Gone Rogue: A Whistleblower Speaks

“The laundry list of unethical acts and abuses of Malone by corrupt and incompetent agents, administrators and employees make one’s blood boil. The one person in this mess, aside from Berkowitz, who maintains a modicum of respect and trust in others is Malone, even as the very people charged with protecting his basic rights plot to destroy them. This inside look at how a great American institution actually undermines its own public image is as disturbing as it is necessary reading.”


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  1. One of the best posts, keep up the good work, I visit your blog regularly to see what you add new and I added to my bookmarks

    • Thank you. Please make sure to use the links to the NPS website and comment on the draft EIS before Friday. Check out the How To Comment Page on the blog for assistance in adding your comments.


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