01-01-2006 Federal Highway FHWA Roadway Construction Noise Model

NPS tries to equate Highway Heavy Construction Machinery to tools used at Drakes Bay Oyster Farm.

The Roadway Construction Noise Model (RCNM) is the Federal Highway
Administration’s (FHWA) national model for the prediction of construction noise. Due
to the fact that construction is often conducted in close proximity to residences and
businesses, construction noise must be controlled and monitored to avoid impacts on
surrounding communities. In addition to community issues, excessive noise can threaten
a construction project’s progress. Each project needs to balance the community’s need
for peace and quiet with the contractor’s need to progress the work.

Keep in mind, the machinery used at the oyster farm at Drakes Bay Oyster Company are practically like Tinker Toys when compared to the Heavy Duty Highway Construction machinery and trucks evaluated in this report.

For the full text of the Model, please click the link below:

FHWA 2006

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